Dear dead delila under the ocean - mudpuppy

Yea I noticed that when I'm withdrawaling I get real sad reially easy about everything! I am going to do everything I can to get off of this BC I can't stand going through this anymore! Thank you for ur comment :-)

I very like this fragrance. It smells like a coconut cake. So calming and soft smelling. A lovely skin scent. The only problem with this fragrance is that is too weak and the sillage of it is also too small, even if I spray more than 6 sprays. But maybe on summer it is strong enough. :)

Thank you for responding back you say not rapid how long of a life span does it usually take?Your also right I'm having a difficult time with my feelings towards him right now cause he is basically committing suicide and being selfish too!I felt sorry for him for the longest part now I don't never thought it would come to this of me feeling this way because I have a big heart.

Dear Dead Delila Under The Ocean - Mudpuppy