Silent harmony paranoid

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Every version of a Yamaha MIDI Song or Style File is optimized for specific instrument models to take full advantage of their unique sounds, effects, and other features. While playback on other models is possible, these versions are designed to sound best on their recommended models.   

Following the paranoid, sonically muddy VIEWS , Drake’s latest album—correction, “playlist”— More Life feels like a cool breeze. There’s less gloomy lyrical introspection, more musical range, and the added emphasis on dancehall, grime, and Afrobeats marks a dramatic, Black Atlantic sea change. Though much has been made of More Life ’s reliance on a heavyweight features list over the development of Drake’s lyrical persona, the balance between the rapper’s ambivalent tone and the blissful, eclectic music selection works uncannily well. So when Drake shrugs, “Passionate from miles away/Passive with the things you say,” over the haunting whale song synths of “Passionfruit,” the result is a note-perfect crescendo of danceable distance. –Edwin “STATS” Houghton